In Poptropica, the player starts off with clothes he/she chooses in the beginning. The player can then get various items and outfits from quests on different islands. Players will get a special medal each time they solve an island's problem. A backpack icon is used as an inventory; some items picked up on an island cannot be used on another.

Players can switch their clothes around with the Costumizer tool which allows the player to copy clothes, various accessories such as jewellry, hairstyles, and mouths (e.g. whether they smile and how) from other citizens of Poptropica: the non-playing characters on the island as well as other human players. A backpack icon serves as an inventory. The player uses the Costumizer tool on his/her character by finding a character who has clothes he/she desires, clicking on the Costumizer icon, then clicking on that character. Once the player is in the Costumizer tool, he/she simply clicks on the clothes he/she wants to put on their character to replace what they already have. Clothes are not usually part of the inventory except when crucial to finishing the island (e.g. the Chamelon Suit in Spy Island is clothing and is in the inventory).

Some items, sometimes including ones essential to the "mission" in a particular island, have to be earned (e.g. In Spy Island, the player has to earn a chef's hat by playing a game similar to Simon.). These are not available in other island except the ones earned in.

Island SynopsisEdit

Once a player enters Poptropica, they choose an island to explore. Each island has a problem that the player can solve to earn a medallion. On every island players can visit multiplayer buildings to chat or play games with other human players.

To travel between islands, the user boards a blimp with the Poptropica logo found in all the main streets of the various islands.

Early PoptropicaEdit

Early Poptropica was the first island created for Poptropica. Players encounter the original settlers of Early Poptropica who are in distress. They are 80’s style who are missing items from their village. While finding the various objects, the player encounters, among other characters, a giant and a very large spider. On Main Street, there is an art museum with works by artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, and Georges-Pierre Seurat.

Shark Tooth IslandEdit

Shark Tooth Island was the second island released in Poptropica. The scenario revolves around the inhabitants of the island that are being troubled by a fierce shark. The player must help the citizens by exploring within the island's ancient temple ruins and subduing the giant shark, called Booga, with a special concoction. The player then has to rescue a boy and a professor from an island formerly separated from the mainland by Booga.

Time Tangled IslandEdit

Time Tangled Island is the third island released for Poptropica. The scenario revolves around a malfunctioning time machine made by Professor Pendulum that has distorted history. It is the player’s job to go back in time and set things right. During the quest, users encounter major historical figures such as Thomas Edison, Lewis and Clark, Leonardo Da Vinci and more. Once the player has restored the future, they can go forward in time to see what the future holds as well as a version of themselves 50 years older. This island was created in conjunction with the editors of Fact Monster to maintain historical accuracy. Professor Pendulum can be found on Shark Tooth Island in the Tourist Center.

24 Carrot IslandEdit

24 Carrot Island is the fourth island released on Poptropica. The Poptropicans on 24 Carrot Island are in trouble. Someone has stolen all their carrots, citizens are disappearing, and the economy, which appears to be based on carrots, is in ruins. The player has to face an antagonist named Dr Hare and his giant robot bunny inside what was formerly a carrot cake factory. Dr Hare is apparently using the carrots as fuel for a rocket that he will send into space and then use to control everyone's mind. When the user gets to the base, they must type in a code (fuzzybunny), launch the rabbot (a robot that looks like a bunny) and bash it against asteroids/meteors. The user then solves the mystery of the missing carrots and citizens in order to restore the island to its former greatness.

Super Power IslandEdit

Super Power Island is the fifth Island released for Poptropica. A giant meteor has crashed into Super Power Island's county prison freeing six criminals from the prison and giving them super powers. Now they are wreaking havoc on the island, such as stealing from the bank or occupying spaces such as the dump site, the park, a train, or a room in the sewer system. The player then gets the power to fly on Super Power Island after defeating every villain except for Betty Jetty, who can only be defeated in this manner. Unfortunately, the player is not recognized as the hero of the day by the town, who favours a Ned Noddlehead, who in the beginning, introduces the player to the concept of being a superhero and runs a comic shop, as he delivers the final punch to Betty Jetty, the last villain, after the player is exhausted and needs help.

Spy IslandEdit

Spy Island is the sixth island released for Poptropica. In this plot, a new threat to the residents of Poptropica has been discovered by Poptropica's top three spies, but the spies have vanished in the beginning of the island mission. The residents of Spy Island are losing their hair, apparently due to an organization called BAD. The player/agent starts out with a suit that makes then invisible, called a Chameleon Suit, which helps them rescue the first spy. After rescuing each spy, the respective spy gives the player a new tool to help with the next rescue. The first spy gives them a laser pen that can cut open iron bars. The second spy gives them a grappling bow tie. The third spy gives them goggles that can enable the player to see lasers in the enemy HQ. The player then infiltrates the enemy headquarters as they learn that BAD is planning to launch a satellite into space that will make the residents of Poptropica lose their hair. A confrontation with Director D, who is in charge of the spy agency but actually a double agent for BAD, ensues. After destroying Director D's vehicle probably intended to launch the satellite, the agent (the player) becomes the new director of the spy agency, as Director D has now been ousted.

Nabooti IslandEdit

Choose Your Own Adventure: Nabooti Island is the seventh island released on Poptropica. This island was made in conjunction with the publishers of Choose Your Own Adventure books. The Nabooti tribe is looking for five out of seven jewels in the Nabooti totem, and the player helps. The player needs to trek across Africa to find the missing jewels and return them to the Nabooti tribe. The player will visit pyramids, ancient mines, and giant waterfalls on his/her quest. After the five jewels are obtained, they must be placed in the totem in a certain way (purple, green, red, white, blue), and the totem then launches into space.

Big Nate IslandEdit

Big Nate Island is the eighth island released on Poptropica. This island is based on the comic strip Big Nate, written by cartoonist Lincoln Peirce. Enter the comic strip world of Big Nate – a wisecracking kid who holds the all-time record for detentions at his school. The player is on a mission to find a long-lost time capsule which, if found, can save the school from demolition. The player will need help from Nate and his friends to complete the quest.


Astro-Knights is the ninth island released on Poptropica.

On this island, the player must build and customise a spaceship in order to rescue the island's princess, who has been kidnapped and taken into space. In the process, the player will visit various planets. The home planet of the princess is still in a medieval state of development.[6]

Counterfeit IslandEdit

Counterfeit Island is the tenth island released on Poptropica. It is a detective quest involving some of the world's most famous paintings. While they are on display at the Island Museum, the Black Widow is plotting to steal them all. It is up to the player to stop the Black Widow and recover the stolen painting The Scream.

Reality TV IslandEdit

Reality TV Island is the 11th island, and is based on the hit reality TV show Survivor. The player has to compete against six different people to be the hero of the player's hometown. The island was released to people with membership on February 24, 2010 and opened to the public on March 24, 2010.

Mythology IslandEdit

Mythology Island is the 12th island in the game. It is based on greek mythological legends such as Zeus, Posidon, Hades and more.

The player decides to pick an apple of immortality and Zeus appears telling the player he will grant you imortality in exchange for five scared items.

Skullduggery Island (Awaiting Release)Edit

Skullduggery Isalnd is a future island awaiting release on May 20 for members, June 17 for non-members. According to discriptions you can assemble your crew, upgrade ships, enbark on high seas adventure, amass wealth through trade, and rule the sea. The trailer shows you can drive your ship and defeat other ships, including a seen sea monster/giant squid. Skullduggery Isalnd, as some say, say that "it looks hard and adventurous. I cannot wait to see what lies ahead on May 20 (June 17)".

French/Francais Island (Awaiting Release)Edit

French/Francais Island is a future island awaiting release, and several pictures have been revealed. It is supposed to be set for this year, or early next year. 2 known sneak-peek pictures released by the Comic Kid have been shown, as the first one shows the beggining steps of the island, and another is when you see a restraunt selling crepes, and a French flag waving in the air. In front are dinner tables and flowers. In the background you can see the Eifell Tower. The restraunt on the right looks beaten-up, and it says:

"Boulangerie: Crepe, Pain, pate"

In French that means "Bakery: Pancake, Bread, Pasta"

Another shows places (second link below).

Links to the pictures:

Structure Island (Awaiting Release)Edit

What the f Structure Island is a island planned to release between 2010 and 2015. A picture was released on February 5, 2010. It is known as a "weird" island, in the links below. No other information is know at this time.

Unknown Island LinksEdit

[7]The download name is "Foreign Truck". Is this Foreign Island???

[8]This appears to be a hotel with luggage, I thought it was Reality TV before it came out. But it is not Reality TV. We will have to figure this out on our own.

[9]I don't know this one. It appears to be some punch in jugs.

[10]Ned said it is a way to survive on Reality TV Island. But there are no berries in Reality TV Island! Which island could this possibly be???

[11]I do NOT remember this big a telescope on Astro-Knights. Then what is this???

[12]Lava. Not on Astro-Knights or any other island.

[13] [14] [15][16]


Mini-Quests are islands that aren't as long as the normal ones. You also cannot obtain item cards specifically for that island.

Haunted HouseEdit

Haunted House was the first mini-quest to be released. It was made for Halloween and is avalaible in the store for free. The goal is to get four items.


After that you can find monsters hiding in the grave of the angel. You can customize yourself as Dr. Jekyll, Dracula, Mrs. Dracula, 2 witches, 2 mummies, and a skeleton.

Dr. Hare's LabEdit

Dr. Hare's Lab is the second mini island. The goal is to find 3 key cards and get the Bunny Robot Suit. There are some new bunny drone costumes if you get lucky and don't get caught by one of them. If you do, then you better run because the bunny bot will come after you!

Islands Awaiting ReleaseEdit

Skullduggery Island - 20 of May (17 of June)

French Isalnd/Francis Island - Sometime this year or the next

Structure Island - Sometime between 2010 and 2015

Other island pictures have been released, but no titles have been released. The file name of a French picture is "Francis' Ile", which is Francis or French Island. An unknown picture of sketches for a future island contains this in the image file name "structureisland.jpg".


  • Switch: A 60-second game where the player groups three or more fruits in a row to earn points.
  • Sudoku: This is the only game the player can both play this game alone or another player.
  • Hoops: Basically a game of basketball; the player shoots basketballs in a goal. The first player to get 5 points wins.
  • Sky-Dive: This game is similar to base jumping. When the signal is given, the player's character has to land on the ground safely, by clicking on their parachute, which is on their backpack. There is no time limit.
  • Paint War: The player needs to blast 7 paint filled balls with their cannon to win.
  • Star Link: Link stars together via using a line to form a square. A player earns a point by filling a box with four lines.
  • Balloons: This game is similar to Connect 4, except balloons are used. The first player who does this wins the game.
  • Soupwords: Spell words by connecting three or more letters in a bowl of alphabet soup. The player's goal is to find as many words as he or she can before the soup gets cold. This game is similar to Boggle.


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